Former Utica Councilman and current Council candidate James Zecca is calling for the removal of Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri from office.

Zecca claims the city has reached the pinnacle of an unprecedented level of deceit and fiscal irresponsibility under the current quote -- "Palmieri Authoritarian Regime."

He says Palmieri's lack of leadership was never more evident than during the March blizzard, which rendered the City immobile and in a state of total chaos and confusion.

Zecca says the city has also witnessed lack of sound judgement and accountability, including the recent signing of a Memorandum of Agreement with Oneida County and Mohawk Valley Health System for a downtown parking garage.

Zecca also cites Palmieri's decision to place Fire Chief Russell Brooks on administrative leave.

He says Palmieri is unfit to retain the office of Mayor and is calling for his removal by way of Recall, as provided by the City Charter.

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