Have you been to the Amish grocery store in Vernon known as The Olde Kountry Market? I'm pretty sure that for some, this place is one of the best kept secrets in the region especially if you cook or bake.

A while back, my wife was on a baking craze and we traveled to Canada to a place called Bulk Barn because they had all sorts of bulk baking supplies and accessories that you just had a tough time finding around here. So, we thought!

It turns out, there's a store that deals in bulk and difficult to find items right in our own backyard.

Herbs from The Ole Kountry Market. (Bill Keeler/WIBX)

The market has a deli, meats, frozen foods, freshly baked homemade pies and crafty stuff that you'd expect to find in an Amish store, but there's much more.

Here are 10 cool items that you'll be able to find at the local Amish market on Route 5 in Vernon.

10. Homemade Whoopie Pies

9.   Every type of baking flour you can imagine

8.   Syrups, syrups and more syrups

7.   Every dried spice you can think of, at unheard of prices

6.    Homemade peanut butters

Dried fruit from The Ole Kountry Market. (Bill Keeler/WIBX)

5.    Bulk bakery fillings and toppings (perfect for cakes and jelly buns)

4.   A giant bag of Buffalo Chicken Wing Potato Chips by a brand I've never heard of

3.   Slab bacon

2.   Sholts Yogurt

1.   Awesome spicy Beef Jerky (which is really good, by the way)

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