A popular pizzeria with locations in Rome and Oneida recently announced they received a cease-and-desist letter from the Frank Sinatra Family and Foundation regarding the name of the business. Now, Sinatra's Pizzeria is looking for a new name and are very open to suggestions.

Owner Justin Gillette told WIBX Thursday that the name Sinatra's came about after a 2 minute conversation with a woman and it was only after the fact he thought about the possible repercussions of using the wildly famous singer's name for his restaurant. "Apparently the family licenses the name for restaurants and hotels across the country," says Gillette of the Sinatra's brand. It is not known who "ratted" on the restaurant, but it's likely the legal team for the Sinatra family is constantly scouring the internet looking for would be violators.

Now, the search has begun for a new name that would help carry on the tradition that began almost three years ago and has grown into two locations. Gillette says he has already received a number of good suggestions and we have taken those and added a few more so he has 11 possible options to choose from.

  1. My Way Pizzeria - A take on the classic Sinatra hit.
  2. New York, New York Pizzeria - Another classic song that will appeal to most Yankees fans.
  3. Start Spreading the News - With the new popularity and the play on the classic Sinatra song, this could be a cool name.
  4. Deano Martin's Pizza - This will likely get him in similar hot water, but at least the Dino is spelled differently.
  5. Frank's or Frankie's Pizza - A very generic name that would not give any cause for concern legally, but would still be a tip of the hat to the original name.
  6. Ol' Blue Eyes Pizza - This would be a reference to the former Rat Pack singer and would allow Gillett to keep a lot of his Sinatra photos and memorabilia up in the store.
  7. Various Spellings of Sinatra Pizzeria - Of course, you could always literally change the spelling of the name to something like "Sonotra's" or "Senotra's." However, that may change the mood from the Sinatra Family from kind and understanding to downright upset.
  8. Gillette's Pizzeria - While Justin Gillett isn't a popular Rat Pack style singer, but he has built quite the business and could possibly take literal ownership of that with his own name.
  9. Rome Pizzeria - This is a pretty straight froward name change and gets right to the point. It's a fine Pizzeria in Rome, but then again there is the location they operate on Main Street in Oneida, formerly known as Sinatra's Pizzeria II.
  10. Crooner's Pizza - With this name you could honor not only Frank Sinatra, but other members of the Rat Pack. Maybe you could even bring in some modern names like Michael Buble.
  11. Not So Hotra - A little play on words, but also may not be the BEST of new names as it indicates not good or cold food.
  12. Legends Pizzeria - This opens up the opportunity to honor not only titans in the music industry, but also athletes and actors. This is also just a really cool name.
  13. Artanis Pizzeria - This one is subtle, but awesome. It is simply Sinatra spelled backward.

No matter what the name is changed to, Gillette has made it very clear that one thing that won't change is the quality of their products and services. Get out and support Sinatra's or whatever it will be called whenever you get the chance.

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