Looking for a blast from the past? Take a stroll down 1917 memory lane with these old newspaper articles and ads from The Syracuse Herald.

The Syracuse Herald was an evening newspaper in Syracuse going back to 1839. The final issue was published on September 29, 2001 with the name of The Syracuse Herald-Journal. In the days of extremely partisan newspapers, it held the reputation as one of the strongest Republican publications in New York state.

Recently on Reddit, user Iloveteas posted a series of photos of newspaper they found while doing home improvements. The poster writes: "Found some interesting newspaper that was used as insulation while doing some repairs on the "newer" section of the house. I found them very interesting and thought I'd share them." These pieces of the paper date back to September of 1917.

With permission from Iloveteas, we are allowed to show you these on our website:

September of 1917, The United States was involved in "The Great War", which would later be known by many as World War 1. In the series of photos you find articles about troops in action, old ads from the Syracuse Lightning Company, ads for Gillete shaving razors, the U.S. sending troops to France, and old car and truck ads. You could own a brand new truck in 1917 locally for $4,250.

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