The annual tradition of Drums Along The Mohawk hasn't been held since the pandemic, but many inquiring minds were asking the question if 2022 would finally be the year of return of the amazing drum corps competition. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

An announcement was posted to the Drums Along The Mohawk Facebook page breaking the news that after 41 years of putting on the show, the committee has decided to retire.

After 41 years of presenting World Class drum corps, the Drums Along the Mohawk committee has retired. You can check out the DCI schedule for a drum corps show near you ( or consider attending the theater event on August 11. We would like to thank the people of the city of Rome, the area sponsors and DATM fans around the world for their years of support! We are grateful and hope you find a way to continue supporting the activities and the young people who work so hard every year to delight you in the stands.

For anyone who has been to the event, it's truly an incredible sight that will be missed. The amazing collection of sights and sounds that line the streets around the field for many blocks. Taking a walk around before going into the show - you'd see corps practicing on people's lawns, and crews making final preparations before heading in to the competition. But the best part was sitting in the bleachers and FEELING the music and energy coming from the field.

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Many in the community have expressed that they know the event will be missed, and I think we can all agree. Do you have any special memories from Drums Along The Mohawk? Let us know and we can reminisce together inside our station app.

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