Beaverton, OR (WIBX) - Adidas is trying to sidestep controversy by pulling its latest sneaker, set to debut later this summer.

The "shackle shoe" never set foot off the ground after photos ignited criticism from the likes of pundits and politicians. 

The shoes sport plastic shackles that encricle the ankles.  A spokesperson from Adidas said that the shackles were meant to be "quirky and lighthearted," and not have anything to do with incarceration or slavery.

This is certainly not the first time a sneaker has ignited controversy.  Nike had to pull its "Black and Tan" shoe which, not only referenced an alcoholic beverage but also the English paramilitary force that strong-armed Irish citizens in the 1820's.  Umbro pulled its Zyklon shoe after critics charged that not only did the intended translation mean "Cyclone" in German but is also the name of a gas used in German death camps during World War II.

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