Meet the latest member of the "Go Red Survivor Class 2017," Nickie Stillwell. She shares the story of her stroke, and has an important message for women to protect themselves.

Nickie Stillwell was diagnosed with high blood pressure at the age of 40, which she believes was probably brought on by stress from work. That high blood pressure would end up causing another problem in her life... A stroke.

February 11, 2016 is a day that Nickie says she will never forget. In the video (above), she explains,

I started getting symptoms of not feeling right, very dizzy. I actually even had a car accident because I lost consciousness for a while and rear-ended a car...

She had other symptoms too, including uncontrollable thinking and not knowing where she was at the time. Nickie was taken to the hospital after the accident and that's where they told her that she had had a stroke. She was hospitalized for an entire week.

Nickie says she concerned for her family: her daughters and her grandchildren. She wants them to monitor their health (especially their blood pressure), and make sure they get regular checkups at the doctor's office.

High blood pressure is something that is on Nickie's mind, not just because of her stroke, but her mother and grandmother passed away from strokes. She says,

My mother had really high blood pressure. And the symptoms there were she was constantly dizzy and stumbling, and headaches constantly. And she was very ill from it.

In the video, Nickie leaves an important message to her family, and to all women in general. She wants them to be aware of their bodies and monitor themselves. Nickie added,

You may think it's something minor, like just a headache. But if it's consistent, keep track of it, see a doctor.

What an important message to keep in mind. If something doesn't feel right, go to the doctor. And even if you feel fine, you still need to keep having regular checkups. Preventive action is one of the best things you can do for your heart health.

Nickie wraps up her video by explaining her "why." She tells us she wants to be here for her "why." The "Go Red for Women" campaign asks you to find your "why." Who and what do you want to be around for? That is your why.

You can celebrate heart health, hear personal stories of how heart disease, attack, and stroke have left lasting impressions on the people in our community, and join us for an afternoon of women's heart health awareness at the "Go Red for Women Luncheon" coming up on May 3rd at Daniele's Banquet Specialists in New Hartford. Please join us for this wonderful luncheon from noon to 1pm.




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