It's been a confusing week for parents of youth and high school athletes this week with school boards banning spectators, because they felt that was the state guideline.

Today, Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente received clarification from the Governor's office on what is actually allowed.

“Oneida County has received an update from New York State to its coronavirus guidelines for attending outdoor school sporting events. We have been informed that the state’s policy is two spectators are allowed per player for each team," Picente said.

The NYS guidance previously referenced only 50 people in attendance at a gathering. Schools and venues had confusion over is if there can only be 50 people, does that include players, coaches and officials.

Picente said no, according to the Governor's office. "That is in addition to the number of players on each team, the coaching staff, support staff, officials and media covering the event. Social distancing and face covering rules must also be observed."

After WIBX and other media outlets received complaints this week that schools and venues were informing parents they couldn't attend sporting events or practices and it was being blamed on Oneida County, Picente explained it wasn't coming from his office and he reached out for clarification.

“To reiterate, these guidelines are set forth by New York State, not Oneida County, and we are bound to follow and enforce what is directed. School districts have the option to impose stricter guidelines of their own if they see fit, but they cannot loosen the state’s restrictions. Any concerns with this policy should be taken up directly with state officials,” Picente added in the release.

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