Straight from the "Your Worst Nightmare" files, a woman in Western New York recently stumbled upon a very, very, VERY unwelcome guest in her backyard: a 9-foot boa constrictor.

After hurrying her granddaughter (and dog) to safety, Schmitz dialed the Erie County SPCA, who arrived promptly. The SPCA workers were able to detain the boa without much incident.


It was determined that this particular snake was probably an escaped pet from some herpetology lover, or was released into the wild by someone no longer interested in caring for it. Either that, or pro wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts was in town.

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"Dumping" unwanted pets, unfortunately, is a fairly common problem.

"We don't know exactly how this happened .. but there will be an investigation into this. Dumping, while hard to prove, is something that can cause real danger, and there are punishments involved here." -SPCA Officer Jennifer Maleskis

The Erie County SPCA put the boa constrictor up for adoption. Calls about its current availability were not immediately returned.

One can imagine the extreme shock this woman felt after her unwelcome discovery. Personally, I'd be less freaked out if I saw a headless Civil War ghost in my backyard.

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