It seems like every month or so New York State Police release details of an injured Trooper and a cruiser smashed to hell, as a result of someone failing to follow the 'move over' law.

It's a simple law that has been in effect for several years now in which motorists are required to move over into the left passing lane if an emergency vehicle is parked on the right side of the road with it's lights on. For whatever reason, people still are breaking this law and causing dangerous injuries and damage to New York State Police.

State Police officials say Trooper Timothy LeFever conducted a traffic stop on a 2018 Audi A4 while on Interstate 81 in Onondaga County. While this case in particular indirectly dealt with the 'move over' law, it certainly could have been avoided. Trooper LeFever says when he was returning back to his patrol vehicle he witnessed a blue Volkswagen traveling north in the driving lane. LeFever says he then saw the blue VW strike the rear passenger's side of a white Hyundai and then struck the rear of the State Police patrol car.

State Police officials say Trooper LeFever had to jump over the guard rail as his vehicle struck him and the vehicle he had pulled over. Overall, there were several vehicles involved and heavy damage was sustained. State Police say, "Trooper LeFever and the operator of the Volkswagen, Brian Osadchey, age 50 from Lafayette, NY were both transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries." The other drivers in the other vehicles were not injured.

Ultimately, Osadchey was issued a ticket for an unsafe lane change and the investigation into the crash is ongoing.

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