22nd Congressional Candidate Martin Babinec's campaign is filing a lawsuit against the State Board of Elections in an attempt to keep his Upstate Jobs Party on the upcoming ballot.

Babinec says in September the board combined his party into a single line with the Reform party.

That decision was reversed by the board, but just last week absentee ballots showed no Upstate Jobs Party.

Oneida County is the only county in the 22nd district that kept the Upstate Jobs Party on the ballot, while Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Herkimer, Madison, Oswego, and Tioga Counties did not.

"Upstate Jobs Party has built its own website, social media presence and direct mail so it's no surprise that we've received calls from voters asking why the UJP is not listed on absentee ballots already mailed out," said Babinec's Campaign Manager Jim Baker. "This is a situation we must correct before the ballots are distributed to the polling locations."

Babinec is calling on his opponents, Claudia Tenney(R) and Kim Myers(D) to join his fight in protecting voter rights in the 22nd district.

"It's no wonder voters are angry at an establishment that is working against them," Babinec said. "From arcane ballot access rules, to the millions of special interest campaign contributions that are telling lies about all the candidates, to the shadowy ballot decisions by partisan election boards - the system is broken."

The motion will be heard Friday in the State Supreme Court, and you can listen to Babinec's full interview from his appearance on First News with Keeler in the Morning on WIBX950am below.



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