Burr! The cold air has arrived in New York State and the forecast is calling for cold air and some rain for many residents in The Empire State. Friday night football and weekend soccer games will be muddy and cold! Saturday morning will be frosty for some places as the temperatures will be in the lower 30's.

In fact, the cold air that we will see in the Western New York region this weekend is below what we should have for the month of October in the Buffalo-Rochester areas.

Parents, get ready for the kids to get those coughs, sniffles and sneezes that happen every fall. Like many parents, you probably bundle your kids and make sure they are taking vitamins to fight off the cold and flu. However, it seems inevitable that your kids will be sick sometime soon after the first real bout of cold weather arrives.

It may be time to get your pediatrician's number handy. We have three sons, all under 6, and there is no doubt that at least one of them will bring home something that will spread through the house. My wife and I have already started planning for it after learning the hard way. The humidifiers, tissues, kids cold medication, thermometer and plenty of juices are all waiting to be put in to action after Mother Nature delivers the first fall frosty air!

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