The mother of murder victim Bianca Devins is furious over an interview her daughter's killer was able to give while in prison, according to a story in Rolling Stone. Devins was brutally murdered in Utica in July of 2019, with much of the horror streamed live on the internet.

A British documentary called Interview With a Killer, a project Bianca's mother Kim Devins declined to participate in by Channel 4 Plum Productions, is debuting this week in the UK and it includes an interview with her daughter's killer, Brandon Clark, who's currently serving 25-years to life in prison.

Devins told Rolling Stone that because she had signed an exclusive contract with another production company, she declined to participate in the UK project. However, the original premise, did not include an interview with her daughter's killer.  “I get a lot of these messages,” she tells Rolling Stone. “Usually, once my family won’t participate, they just kind of let it go, and that’s what I assumed happened here.” Instead, this project was repositioned and is now about to air overseas. It's unclear if the program will be available in the United States.

Since her daughter's death, Devins and her family have been working to make sure news and media features avoid a victims killer, as to not give notoriety following horrible crimes such as the one committed on her daughter. When she agreed to work with another production company recently, one of the stipulations was that the killer's name and likeness would be extremely limited during the production. Devins said she and her family have been working hard to make sure Clark does not receive the attention he's yearning for from behind bars.

In a communication to Channel 4 in the UK, Devins said “it is my belief that by airing an interview with Brandon Clark, your lack of duty of care during production will put women in danger,” she wrote in the letter according to Rolling Stone, noting that the production would cause “immense emotional distress” to Bianca’s family members and friends.

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