Don't panic Buffalo Bills fans, it's only one pitch.

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Franchise quarterback Josh Allen will be showing off his arm on a baseball mound later this week, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Yankees game on Thursday night, the Buffalo News reports.

The game, to be played in New York, has the Blue Jays as the home team and the Yankees a visitor. Of course, that's because Toronto is playing their home games at Sahlen Field in Buffalo due to still existing Canadian COVID-19 travel restrictions. The three-game series opens tonight. Oddly, this seems to have created a new interstate rivalry, with both Toronto and the Yankees - and Mets, for that matter - playing home games in the Empire State.

Here's what I wonder?

Because the Yankees are the visitors and the Jays are currently claiming Sahlen as their home, will Allen be donning a Blue Jays uniform? And, if he does, is that a smart move on behalf of his marketing team?

No always, but typically the guest who tosses out the first pitch is wearing some jersey, t-shirt, or hat of the home team - whom they are a guest of.

To be fair, Buffalo News also reports New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul is scheduled to throw out the first pitch in the series opener tonight. She won't wear a Blue Jays jersey with she? Certainly, not against her own state's beloved Yankees, right?

I guess we'll see.

State officials surely want to offer some gratitude to Toronto's front office for the economic impact that a new baseball franchise - albeit temporarily - is bringing the state.

I can't imagine either would cross-country lines, even for a photo op.

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