A bomb threat has forced the evacuation of the elementary school in the Camden Central School District.

UPDATE: 11/25/2014  4:33pm  Camden Police say woman is in custody in connection with a bomb threat that was called in to the Camden Central School District.

The woman's name has not yet been released.

Police say she will be charged with making a terrorist threat and falsely reporting an incident.

This morning's bomb threat caused the evacuation of all buildings in the school district and the early dismissal of students.

UPDATE: 11/25/2014 2:25pm    Camden CSD Superintendent Mary Lynne Szczerba spoke with WIBX and says that all students are either home or en route to their homes.

Szczerba says that she was notified at approximately 11:15am of the bomb threat which was called into the district's bus garage.  The district immediately put its emergency plan into action.  Students were evacuated to alternate locations according to procedures they have already practiced.  Concurrently, she says, authorities worked to confirm the veracity and seriousness of the threat.  Plans were made to get children home as quickly as possible.  The secondary students were transported home beginning at 1:00pm and the elementary students were transported beginning a little after 2:00pm.

She confirms that the investigation is still active and they continue to secure each and every building in the district.  The threat, she believes, was that there was "a bomb in a building," but the specific building was not specified.

Superintendent Szczerba is commending her staff for successfully executing the emergency plan, stating, "I want to thank the staff, students, parents, and community.  We really have a wonderful community and when emergencies happen we really work together and this is an example of that."  Szczerba says classes are expected to resume on Monday, December 1, 2014 as regularly scheduled.

At this time, she says, law enforcement personnel are still investigating.  No arrests have been made.

I want to thank the staff, students, parents, and community. We really have a wonderful community and when emergencies happen we really work together and this is an example of that. - Superintendent Mary Lynne Szczerba

UPDATE: 11/25/2014   1:09PM    All after school activities have now been cancelled.  Note that afternoon pre-kindergarten was cancelled earlier.

UPDATE: 11/25/2014  12:56PM   An official who spoke with WIBX on the condition of anonymity said that the situation at the school remains tense.  Authorities are working to dismiss children in a calm and orderly manner.  New York State Police have been called to the scene.  There is no word yet on whether authorities have located an incendiary device.

UPDATE: 11/25/2014 12:26PM   Village of Camden Police and Oneida County Sheriff's deputies are reported to be on the scene.

Original Story:

School officials are reporting that the entire district has been affected, but only the elementary school has been evacuated.  Students have been moved to alternate sites.

Students in the secondary schools will be dismissed at 1:00pm.  Elementary students will be dismissed at 2:00pm.  Parents and guardians of those students are being advised of the alternate pickup locations.

There will be no afternoon pre-kindergarten classes today.

(Story by: Kristine Bellino with additional reporting by Jim Rondenelli)