Hillary Clinton has received a resounding endorsement from a local business woman and Republican farmer and because of it, her business has been spotlighted in a new campaign video for the Democratic Presidential candidate.

The video entitled, Roxie, is named after Mercer's Ice Cream owner Roxaina Hurlburt of Boonville, who's ice cream factory produces New York wine ice cream that she says never would have come to fruition without then Senator Hillary Clinton.

"The best thing she ever did was bring back New York Farm days to Washington," said Hurlburt. "New York Wine Ice Cream would never have happened had we not had New York Farm Days." Hurlburt said she was impressed with Clinton because this is Republican country and she had never seen a Democrat like Clinton up here.

In the video, Hurlburt says she had always voted Republican in elections; that is, until Hillary Clinton.  "She spent a lot of time Upstate. We had never seen that before. She gave us confidence that it (wine ice cream) could happen. She promotes us everywhere," said Hurlburt.

Mercer's Ice Cream, featuring Wine Ice Cream, is located on Route 12 in Boonville.

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