It's official.  Josh Allen is getting inside Tom Brady's head.  Here's how we know...Tom Brady is finally talking back.

How many years has it been since Tom Brady spent even a second of his time talking about a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills?  It feels like it's been forever.  But now, he's taking the trash talk to a whole new level with Josh Allen.

A couple weeks ago, there was a televised golf match between two of the best quarterbacks in the NFC and two of the best quarterbacks in the AFC.  They called it "The Match" and unfortunately for Buffalo fans, they had to watch Brady win another one.  However, the trash talking between Brady and Allen was epic.  One would've expected Allen to respect his elders and not talk like that to one of the "legends of the game."

But not our quarterback...

He never stepped down.  He didn't take a play off.  When Brady said something, he said something back.

Today though, it hit a whole new level.  Allen was a guest on a podcast called "Bussin With The Boys" where he was asked to rate the 4 golfers from "The Match."  Brady didn't get a very good rating from Allen:

Of the four golfers that day, Allen quickly ranked them in order starting with Rogers, Mahomes, Allen, then waaaayyy down on the bottom...Brady. He didn't hold back a bit.

That's when Brady responded with this:

It's a bit of a low blow considering that Allen doesn't get to play all the positions on the field.  He can't throw touchdowns and make tackles too.  Wins and losses aren't quarterback stats alone, but ok.

It's also a bit fair.  How long has it been since The Bills got the best of Tom Brady?  It almost happened in the second half in 2021...but it didn't.  The Bills don't get as many shots at Brady as we used to but doesn't it make you wonder what the records would be like these days if we did?

Either way...I'd prefer a win over Brady in the Super Bowl anyway.  I just love that our quarterback isn't afraid...and he's not backing down from Trash Talking Tom.

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