UPDATE: 02/03/2022  7:49am  Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol says that preliminary test results show that the vaping pens have tested positive for the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol, referred to commonly as "THC," the active ingredient in marijuana that produces the feeling of being "high."  Testing is still being done to determine what other substances may be inside the pens.

It is possible that the students who got sick after vaping the pen or pens suffered a reaction simply to a concentrated amount of THC.  However, there is still a possibility that the THC was laced with other substances and tests will determine that.

Because of the number of students sickened, i.e. at least five, the incident is referred to as a "mass" incident.  Sheriff Maciol is asking that other students who participated step forward to assist with the investigation.  Initial reports were that more than five students were involved.

It is not known at this time if NARCAN was used to treat the students who suffered reactions.  Two of the five were medically evaluated and signed out of school by their parents.

Maciol says that the Special Patrol Officer was in another part of the school campus when the incident was initially reported.  That officer responded to the area immediately following the Kirkland Police Department.

Sheriff Maciol says that this remains an active investigation.  The recent incident at BOCES to which this one bears resemblance is also under investigation as well.

More information will be posted as soon as it is available.

UPDATE:   02/02/2022  4:40pm   In a written release the Oneida County Sheriff's Office says that three tudents were brought from the school to the hospital after smoking a liquid through a vape pen.  One of the students that was hospitalized was 14 years old.  The other two were 15 years old.  All three have since been released from the hospital.

Two other students were evaluated by medical personnel at the school and not hospitalized.  Authorities say that the exact number of students who used the vape pen is unknown at this time.

Police are still investigating the situation surrounding the incident as well as what was inside the pen.  They say that the investigation is continuing.

Original Story:

This is a developing story and will be updated as soon as more information is available.

The Oneida County Sheriff's Office is confirming that several students are being treated following a vaping incident at Clinton High School.

Clinton High School Photo Credit: Bill Keeler, WIBX / TSM
Clinton High School Photo Credit: Bill Keeler, WIBX / TSM

Sheriff Rob Maciol confirms five students were taken to the hospital shortly before 1:00pm.  They were sickened, Maciol says, after inhaling from a vaping pen.

Clinton School District Photo Credit: Bill Keeler, WIBX / TSM
Clinton School District Photo Credit: Bill Keeler, WIBX / TSM

The Clinton Central School District has not yet returned WIBX's calls for a comment.

The high school is located at 75 Chenango Avenue South in Clinton.

Clinton School District Bus 02/02/2022 Photo Credit: Bill Keeler, WIBX / TSM
Clinton School District Bus 02/02/2022 Photo Credit: Bill Keeler, WIBX / TSM

Sheriff Maciol says it is not known what the vaping pen or pens contained, but says that this incident appears to be very similar to a similar that took place at BOCES several weeks ago.

More information will be provided as soon as it is available.

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