Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi was at the South Rome Senior Center today, where he called on the New York State Public Service Commission to investigate continued price increases levied by Spectrum.

Brindisi says recent rate increases for cable TV and internet customers appear random, but widespread across the Mohawk Valley.

He's wants the PSC to investigate possible price gouging.

Brindisi held up the basic cable bill of a Utica resident which increased 40 percent in just over one year -- from $91 a month to over $129.

"With rates nearly doubling for some customers,  it's time Spectrum gets with the program and realizes locals are starting to catch on to what appears to be a slow walk price increase that keeps on creeping," said Brindisi.  "With customers facing higher bills for the same service, I am urging the PSC and the FTC to take a real and hard look into locals' bills and investigate possible price gouging that's not only pushing consumer's buttons but is costing people a lot more money than last year."

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