Congressional candidate Anthony Brindisi is calling attention to federal student loan interest rates, which he says are crimping economic growth locally and nationally.

The Utica Democrat's call comes as his opponent was joined at a small business roundtable by the former president and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment - Linda McMahon. Now administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), McMahon joined Republican NY-22 incumbent Claudia Tenney at Fiber Instrument Sales in Oriskany on Monday for a small business roundtable to hear from employers about the impact of President Trump tax cuts.
Using wrestling-lingo, Brindisi - a current state assemblyman - is urging McMahon to 'get in the ring' on reducing student loans to a level consistent with those available to small businesses through the SBA.
He campaign released the following statement on the issue:
Brindisi says the federal student loan interest rate can balloon to as much as 8% BUT the federal SBA loan rate hovers between 2.25% and 4.75%. Brindisi says it is SBA Chief Linda McMahon who can, and should, lead the fight to get the student loan rate in line with the SBA rate because people with crippling student loans are being impeded from starting a business or taking out SBA loans. This hurts the growth of our area and all of America.“On behalf of businesses everywhere, Linda McMahon should declare student loan interest rates a WWE body slam on our local economy and small businesses. I want Linda McMahon and Congresswoman Tenney to jump in the ring and lead the fight to bring the student loan rates in line with the SBA rates, which are much lower and with better terms, because it will be a boon for small business. I know so many people who are holding back on starting a business or expanding one because every month their student loan bill puts them in a headlock. My message to Linda is simple: be the face of a real business boom and take on student loans as your ultimate fight. She could win.”  -- Anthony Brindisi

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