Hats off to the Buffalo Bills PR team.

It seems like it is hard to find good customer service nowadays. Heck, for crying out loud, some of these businesses out there I could be waving a million dollars their way and they would tell me they'll have to check their schedule and call me back.

Every home Buffalo Bills game this year, the Bills have the 'Legend of the Game' come back to be honored at a certain home game. The legend will get to fire up the crowd, get introduced, and re-welcomed all over again to the crowd in Orchard Park.

For the Carolina Panthers game at Highmark Stadium, my neighbor entered the 'Legend of the Game' sweepstakes on the Buffalo Bills app and was chosen as the winner. As the winner, he was going to get a visit in his seat from the Legend of the Game, former tight end Scott Chandler along with an autographed football.

They asked my neighbor Brandon if he would be in his seat in the 3rd quarter and he said yes.

Next thing you know, he is getting a congratulations text with pictures...except for, they weren't pictures of him and Scott Chandler.

Chandler must have gone to the wrong person.

When Brandon told them that they had the wrong person, they went above and behind to make it right. Brandon said they asked for his address and it was 'hard to be disappointed when you see what came in the mail. He got some Buffalo Bills apparel and a special autographed football from Hall of Famer, Jim Kelly.

It is safe to say that the mix-up ended up awesome for him.

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