Road Rage! The National Highway Traffic Administration defines this form of aggressive driving as an act of assault with a motor vehicle or other dangerous weapon by the operator or passenger(s) of one motor vehicle or precipitated by an accident that occurred on a roadway.

With that in mind I believe it is safe to say that the incident that took place on Wednesday June 8th in Albany could be described as "Road Rage". Now 2 victims are in the hospital and 1 man has been arrested.

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According to the Albany Police Department, the incident that took place in the late night hours of June 8th, at the intersection of Cherry Street and Dongan Avenue, involved a car crash, broken bones and gun shots! Here is how it allegedly went down.

At 9:40pm Albany police respond to a report of shots fired! Through their investigation officers have concluded that 3 individuals were involved in a road rage incident. As a result of their disagreement the driver of the truck is accused of intentionally hitting the other 2 with his vehicle.


One victim was temporarily pinned underneath the vehicle causing some fractures and a head injury. The other victim suffered a fractured ankle. As for the shots fired call, officers report seeing evidence that would suggest gun fire at the scene.

Albany Medical Center Hospital

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