Assemblyman Marc Butler is calling for the STAR Exemption freeze on growth to be removed from the state budget proposal.

Governor Andrew Cuomo placed in his budget a freeze on the growth of STAR exemptions, which help homeowners with increases to property taxes.

Butler says in a public hearing held in Albany this week, the Executive Deputy Commissioner of the State Department of Taxation and Finance admitted the freeze would constitute a tax increase on homeowners.

“Budget gimmicks and hidden tax increases like the Governor’s STAR Exemption freeze is why we spend the time poring over his budget proposal. I am calling on my fellow legislators to insist that this tax increase be removed from the budget,” said Butler. “Middle-class families are struggling as is and a freeze on the growth of their STAR Exemptions will add to their financial burden. The freeze must go.”

He say the freeze is estimated to cost taxpayers about $148 million over the next two fiscal years.

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