You know those spam messages you see on just about every Internet message board promising $7,000 a month for just a few hours work? Well, this is soooo much better than that.

Oumar Maiga, a cabbie in Philadelphia received a tip for $989.98 after driving a passenger for a trip that lasted less than one mile and took fewer than two minutes. The magical mystery ride took place shortly after 1 a.m. during the holiday season last month.

Maiga exchanged pleasantries with the passenger, telling him he was having an okay night, but it was a little chaotic. The passenger promised “he would make it a great night.”

And a great night he made it indeed, leaving the enormous tip on his credit card for a ride that cost a mere $4.31. The passenger promised it was not a mistake.

The founder of the taxi company was excited for Maiga, saying, “It couldn't have happened to a better guy."

The identity of the passenger has yet to be revealed. The fare cleared, but the credit card company would not give his name. It’s also unclear why he chose to leave such an odd amount in the tip, as opposed to a rounder number.

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