One of the biggest challenges for people who love to travel or wish they could travel is the cost of a flight. Well, one discount airline is offering a ridiculously good deal but only for a limited time.

New Affordable Flights

Frontier Airlines is known for their usually lower prices than other airlines, but they're doubling down on their affordability and incentives to fly with them.

Frontier has announced that those who wish to get away can pay one low price and take unlimited flights for one full year! There are exceptions and rules, but they're calling it their 'Go Wild! All-You-Can-Fly Pass.'

Go Wild! All-You-Can-Fly Pass

For only $499, while supplies last, this pass allows the following

  • An unlimited number of flights
  • Access to Frontier's domestic and international destinations
  • Get confirmed bookings the day before flight departure for domestic travel and starting 10 days before flight departure for international travel
  • NEW! Plan ahead & book select flights early, simply search & choose GoWild! when available. A GoWild! Early Booking charge may apply
  • Travel that will keep your miles from expiring; plus, use your Elite Status for FREE bags and seats.

Even More Affordable Options

If you don't think you want to take this opportunity and fly with it, Frontier is offering alternate deals. For only $299 you can take a break from the colder weather when you'd like with the "Fall-Winter Pass." That allows you to fly any time you'd like from now until February 29th, 2024.

With many products and services nowadays going to a subscription based model, Frontier is offering something similar. You can get their Monthly Pass for an introductory rate of $0 plus a $99 enrollment free and your subscription will automatically renew for $149 per month.

Take some time for yourself and get away. It's important to have a work-life balance and Frontier is now supporting that.

So Many Destinations to Choose From

A few of the places you can fly to on Frontier include:

  • Austin
  • Nashville
  • Charlotte
  • Denver
  • Dallas
  • Tampa
  • Fort Meyers

And many more! Take advantage of this deal while you still can. There's no excuse for you to not fly away and escape the grips of a Central New York winter.

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