Despite over a foot of snow falling around much of Upstate New York last weekend, the spring-like temperatures have proved too much for local ski resorts to continue.

March came in like a lion and appears to be going out like a lion based on the weather rollercoaster we've been on all month long.

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For those eager for spring, here's some good news: the snow appears to be finally over and Old Man Winter is hanging up his hat.

The National Weather Service is predicting we're done with seeing daytime temperatures in the 30s and is forecasting warmer, spring-like weather.

Another sign that spring is here is the annual closing of many beloved ski slopes across New York and one of the first here announced they are done for the season.

McCauley Mountain Ski Area Bids Farewell

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It was another fantastic ski season in Central New York, especially during the latter half of the winter with an abundance of fresh snow. That allowed many ski enthusiasts to enjoy the sport well into the spring, especially with last week's massive snow storm.

But all good things must come to an end and McCauley Mountain Ski Area in Old Forge announced they're hanging up the wool-knit hat for the season.

"As we all know, Mother Nature always has the last word on when we end our season. This year she had fortunately given us a great 'last weekend,'" the beloved resort announced Thursday.

The resort cited "significant snow loss" and the lack of snow in the forecast as reason why they "are conceding to [Mother Nature] and will remain closed for the rest of the season."

Snowmobiling Season Ends in Webb

On the same day as McCauley's announcement, the Town of Webb announced its Snowmobile Trail System will be closed for the remainder of the season.  The Old Forge Visitors Information Center said the persistently warm weather has made the trails unsafe for riding.

"Continuing warm temps and rain means there is no recovery," the center added.

They thanked the Webb Town Council for "making tough decisions."

How Did the 2023-2024 Ski Season Compare to Others?

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Getty Stock/Ben Blankenburg

While last week's burst of snow helped make fun memories at the slopes, PeakRankings said this was a very bad year for ski enthusiasts.

The outlet cited an overall lack of snow along with the persistently warmer-than-average temperatures and rain for causing ski resorts across the Empire State to work overtime to keep their mountains covered in powder.

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The pattern of warm, rainy winters might break for the 2025 season as the National Weather Service predicts El Niño, a weather pattern that producers warmer-than-average temperatures, will completely collapse this summer.

La Niña, which brings in cooler weather and fewer clouds, is expected to take the reigns. This means next winter may be colder, but it's still too far out to estimate how much snow we'll see next season.

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Are These 12 Bugs That We See In Spring Dangerous?

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