Making Christmas dinner can be a bit of a pain, from preparing the sides like mashed potatoes and stuffing, to cooking the actual turkey or ham in the main course. It's a whole day of work, which means you won't get to enjoy your presents that much.

Until now.

U.K. video game retailer GAME has released one of the oddest canned creations ever: Christmas Tinner. It's everything you might eat on Christmas day in one single-serving can. (Go ahead, you can start to gag now.)

Christmas Tinner is for gamers who might have a hard time pulling themselves away from their new toys on Christmas day. A company spokesmen spoke with Metro U.K.:

Almost half of British gamers plan to spend the majority of Christmas Day testing out new games and consoles.

It’s the ultimate innovation for gamers across the nation who can’t tear themselves away from their new consoles and games on Christmas Day – the first all-in-one festive feast in a tin

Innovation? We aren't so sure of that or even the taste. Here's the layers laid out that come in the can as they occur from top to bottom:

  1. Scrambled eggs and bacon
  2. Two mince pies
  3. Turkey and potatoes
  4. Gravy
  5. Bread sauce
  6. Cranberry sauce
  7. Brussel's sprouts with stuffing, or broccoli with stuffing
  8. Roast carrots and parsnips
  9. Christmas pudding

Christmas Tinner creator Chris Godfrey spoke on the flavor choices:

I tried to ensure when creating the menu that all the flavours complemented one another and it was designed so that gamers can eat one layer at a time, starting with breakfast and finishing off with Christmas Pudding – the perfect Christmas Day meal without any of the fuss.

Any of the fuss? Let's face facts here: most hardcore gamers will do anything to not be interrupted in the middle of a session so this makes all the sense. Still, it can't taste that good. Have you every tried canned turkey? Yuck!

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