A Conservative candidate vying for a seat on the Utica Common Council has just lost the support of the party he says he represents.  Doug Joslin, who is challenging Samantha Colosimo-Testa, sent out press releases over the weekend that seemed to be the last straw for Conservative chair Julie Miller.  Joslin is on the Conservative line in the November 3rd election.

Joslin's release referred to comments he claims were made about his health and he insinuated that the false statements came from his opponent, Colosimo-Testa.  When asked by Keeler if he knew for a fact that the derogatory comments came from Testa, he said no.

Miller sent a copy of  a response to Joslin's release to WIBX which ended by stating, "I do not want the Conservative name connected to any of your misleading and possible illegal political activities."

When asked, Joslin said that he stopped listening to her because Miller gave him bad advice.

Miller says one of the multiple issues she has with Joslin is the fact that he's representing himself as an 'accountant' for the City of Utica when he currently is not employed by the city.

Here's the audio of the interview with Doug Joslin on Keeler- 

Here's the full release-

10/11/2015 ;  On 10/10/2105  harassing instant messages were sent to CREEP  secretary by a made up Facebook account under the name " tony victor " against Sixth Ward Common Council Candidate Doug Joslin  . The messages were an attempt to discredit Mr. Joslin and dissuade her from working on the Committee To Review Every Expenditure and Purchase .
The last message that was sent before Utica Police Department told us to block the sender , was that Mr. Joslin has AIDS .
For the record , Mr. Joslin does not have AIDS . However , he has lobbied Local , State and Federal Government Officials on behalf of C2EA , the Campaign to End AIDS , and The Central New Your Health Systems Agency . He has talked to numerous high profile people about HIV/AIDS including but not limited to John McCain , Fred Thompson , Hillary Clinton , Anthony Brindisi , Joe Griffo and Strom Thurman . Mr Joslin has also wrote about it in The Utica Pheonix , The Observer Dispatch and numerous National Publications . He is fully behind The President of The United Sates and his National AIDS Strategy and Governor Andrew Cuomo's New Plan eliminate new HIV infections  in New York by 2020 .He was the only person from Oneida County who attended The 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington DC in June of 2012 .

Here's the complete response from Julie Miller-

Unfortunately with the who's who copied in on
this email, someone has given you really bad advice, you are
taking it, and broadcasting it to people who don't
matter and who will distance themselves from you.
Didn't you learn from the petition process that the
Democrats are against you?  Now someone is giving you bad
advice to make your situation even worse.  You are bringing
very negative attention to yourself in so many ways.  CREEP
is such a bad acronym I don't even know where to
start.  In addition, to say you are a "committee"
will bring more scrutiny to a possible illegal political
group that has no formal organization.  You also continued
to put on your palm cards the misleading information that
you are a cost accountant, opening you up to more possible
charges of campaign illegality.  The opposition doesn't
have to bring charges against you though, because you are
digging yourself a deep enough hole with your campaign
tactics that it will give her a landslide victory.  I do
not want the Conservative name connected to any of your
misleading and possible illegal political activities.
Thank you.