The summer of 2021 is in full swing and much different than last year. With hopes that a pandemic has faded away, events and parties and festivals are back! The vaccine has been distributed to millions here in New York State and western New York. However, it looks as though things are starting to take a turn in a negative direction at least in terms of COVID infection rates.

According to some reports, the Covid infection rate in New York State is the highest it has been since June 3!

If you have been out recently to parties or in public places Like stores, you have noticed barely anyone wearing masks anymore. The hope is that those who are not wearing a mask have been vaccinated against COVID-19 But that is not a guarantee. You also hope that people are remembering to wash their hands and practice social distancing whenever possible and necessary.
I think at this point it is safe to say for those who are interested in the vaccine have already gotten one and those who are on the fence are still waiting to see what the next few months will hold.

We have a child who will be in kindergarten this fall and I’m already wondering what that might look like in terms of in class lessons versus online and what will be the status of wearing masks? At this point most children already have gotten used to the fact that they need to wear one in a classroom setting and we even make sure that our kids wear them in public when necessary.

Officials are reminding everyone to enjoy the summer but not get complacent against COVID-19.

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