Were you among the 20,000ish people who saw Morgan Wallen and HARDY at St. Joseph's Health Amphitheater at Lakeview in Syracuse? You may want to check your credit and bank cards.

Cash wasn't an option for the sold-out show on Friday, July 9. Credit and debit cards were the only things accepted, and from the sounds of it, by more than just the vendors selling food and beverages.

Nicholas Gross was one of the 20,000 fans at the show and he tells Local SYR, that his debit card wasn't working.

“Right before Morgan actually went on, I went to go buy merchandise, and I found out my card was locked, my debit card. So I had to use my other card.”

Nearly $100 in charges was racked up on Gross' card that he didn't make, a fact he found out about when his bank called. There were other charges from around the world on his card according to Local SYR.

Gross wasn't alone. A few of his friends who were also at the concert were forced to cancel their cards as well.

If you were at the Morgan Wallen show at Lakeview you may want to check your account attached to whatever card you were forced to use since no cash was allowed to make sure no one skimmed your information.

The Onondaga County Executive’s Office told Local SYR that they are looking into the issue.

Did you have problems with someone skimming your card and racking up a bunch of charges? Let us know on our station app.

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