Governor Andrew Cuomo is announcing the results of a joint effort to crackdown on underage drinking throughout the state in April.

The State Liquour Authority and State DMV, along wth local law enforcement agencies, conducted statewide sweeps of locations holding liquor licenses looking for fake IDs and retailers who sell alcohol to minors.

The SLA conducted 66 underage details in 46 counties, with investigators sending underage decoys into 851 locations holding liquor licenses.

The decoys were able to purchase alcohol at 186 businesses, while 665 businesses refused to sell to underage decoys.

"Underage drinking and fake IDs are not only illegal but can lead to reckless decisions with lifelong consequences," Governor Cuomo said. "We will continue to take action to hold businesses accountable for illegal sales as well as those who use fake IDs. We have zero tolerance for these offenses in New York."

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