The rumor mill is always swirling in Central New York and the owner of one local diner is speaking out to dispel some of the rumors out there regarding the sale of his legendary business.

There is no doubt that Dave's Diner in Schuyler was put up on the market and sold, but the effects of that are not yet known as far as events they're involved with in the community and what is next for the iconic location. Dave Paratore has owned and operated the fan favorite eatery since 1989. In fact, WIBX morning show host Bill Keeler used to broadcast from the same building the diner is located.

Paratore says while the building is "sale pending," the business is still open and they will continue having their popular car shows until he no longer owns the building and business. The rumor was perpetuated, inadvertently, that the final car show ever was this past week. Dave called in to the Keeler Show to set the record straight.

Paratore tells WIBX,

I've heard stories from, you know, that the place is getting torn down or putting a car dealership. You know, everyone gets bits and pieces. And then yesterday, when I was working and like, I'm out there selling 50/50 tickets. We raised money for this local Cancer foundation and people said, 'Hey, this is the last one?' I said, what? What? No, no, it's not the last one.

Those who were telling him that during the car show, said they heard it on the show. The Keeler Show. Well, that is why he called and now we know what's really going on. While it is not fully known what the new owner of the building will do, Dave does not believe it will be a diner.

For Dave, Texas is his future. He says he bought a place in Corpus Cristy, Texas and he plans to enjoy his retirement. Whatever the future holds for the Dave's Diner building, people will forever miss the delicious flat top grilled muffins and great breakfasts. Good luck to Dave and his family in retirement and be sure to catch all the car shows you can before they're REALLY gone forever.

You Can See The Full Interview with Dave Below

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