This has been an ongoing conversation on the Keeler Show. What do you do with 'found money?'

Anyone who listens to the show knows this - I think I'd be quite hesitant to return a lump sum of money if I found it.

You should know that I have NEVER stolen ANYTHING from ANYONE. If I found money in the hallway at work, or found money in the laundry at home (I have a roommate) I would ask everyone of my co-workers, or my roommate, and glady turn the money over it to its rightful owner.

Please understand, as I describe below, we're talking a ficticious, fantasy-world situation where I find several thousand dollars. My once in a lifetime, tax-free score!

It's something I've actually dreamt about before. I pretty sure this was an idea implanted in my head from one of favorite TV series. Funny thing, I can't remember if it was 'The Sopranos' or 'Breaking Bad.'

Anyway, to my recollection, there is a scene in one of the above mentioned series where a drug dealer is being chased by the cops. The driver pulls over quickly with the cops out of sight and hurls a duffel bag stuffed with money and drugs out the window, then speeds off. If this 'dealer' does get caught by the police he's already tossed his wads of cash and drugs, so the cops, in theory, can't tie it to him.

In the series, someone eventaully comes along and finds the bag....I don't remember if the person threw the drugs away or left them...but to the more relevant issue, they kept the wads of cash!!

Imagine you're on a walking trail and find a duffel bag just sitting there along the trail, maybe a little bit of money sticking out. You look both ways, but there isn't another person in sight. You take a closer look. There is no identification in the bag, and it's stuffed with money.

Use your imagination and decide how much money the ficticious duffel bag contains...$10,000...$20,000...$100,000!

Whatever the exact amount, ask yourself THE question and be honest. You'd don't have to tell me, but honestly ask yourself: What would YOU do with it?

Quitely pick it up and keep it? Or pick it up and bring it to the local police station?

In the fictional story I've outlined (aka MY DREAMS), I pick up the money, go on a nice vacation, put some money in my son's college fund and...I don't know, thrown a chunk of it towards my next home improvement project!

Again, imaginary world.

We've disussed on air and some people are stunned at my answer. I've joked: ''Hey, at least I'm honest about being dishonest.''

You should know two things, though: First, I don't think I'm a dishonest person. Quite the opposite - I think. Second, not turning-in 'found money' could get you in trouble with the law.

So, let's change the scenario a bit and say you find a nice stack of money laying in the isle of grocery store? Or, how about the lobby of a bank?

In a real life scenario you're going to read about next, even I know you supposed to return the money. And, if you don't, you'll likely face criminal consequences.

According to NY State Police, a customer at a Bank of America branch in the town of Geddes on Onondaga Blvd apparently dropped a wad of cash when leaving the bank one day back in March. In their press release, Troopers don't describe the exact circumstances - maybe it was in an envelope, maybe the person was wearing gloves and didn't realize they hadn't fully placed the money it their pocket or purse... then, it fell out. Whatever the case, police say the person dropped $3,000.

Troopers say after reviewing sercurity footage, this woman picked up the money and kept it for herself.

via New York State Police
via New York State Police

State Police have provided this photo and say this is the woman seen on a security camera picking up the money and leaving.

Now, they'd like to speak with her because she's likely in some legal trouble.

Anyone identify this woman is asked to contact New York State Police at (315) 366-6000.


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