The Buffalo Bills did something this year in the draft that they haven't done for awhile.  They chose a punter.  And today he got to show off.

It shows what kind of shape your organization is in when you have the freedom to choose a punter in the draft.  The Buffalo Bills were in a position to choose something other than a quarterback, wide receiver, or key defensive player.  The grabbed up a guy that many people call the "Punt God."

His name is Matt Araiza and truthfully, he's not a fan of the name "The Punt God" but after you see this video, you'll understand why people call him that.

It doesn't say how far the punt went from the video.  But what you can see is how small it looks as it continues to travel up and up.  I think it landed somewhere in Napa Valley.  I guess now we know why the Bills didn't want to build a dome.  I mean, you wouldn't want the guy to always be hitting the ceiling.

As of right now, he's still got to win the job, but with punts like that, it's going to be tough NOT to put him on the team.  Last season he boomed an 86-yard punt which is just insane.  Current punter Matt Haack's long is 65 yards (and that's nothing to scoff at either!).

Something that Haack does have a leg up on Araiza with is holding for extra points and field goals.  It's a job that Araiza hasn't ever done and would have to learn.  Haack is also a left-footed punter which gives a different spin to the ball.  The last two Bills punters were left-footed.

Truthfully, you never want your team to punt...and there were a couple of games where Haack didn't end up even punting once last year.

But if you have to punt, you want to give your team the best chance of flipping the field.  It will be an interesting camp for sure.

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