Here's what happened this morning on First News with Keeler in the Morning

6 am hour:  Keeler's Gripe of the Day: (Massachusetts Speed Traps) Tricky Mass. Police Speed Traps

Anthony Weiner gets an earful from a former teacher who claims the candidate should step down from the NYC Mayor's race following sexting scandal.

7 am hour:  Utica City Independence Chairman Tim Julian was in studio talking about a candidate who was removed from the Independence line due to a technicality.

7:35 am:  Maureen Marion of the United States Postal Service discusses their options.  One plan is to end door-to-door delivery and instead use cluster boxes in neighborhoods which would hold mail for 15 to 20 families.

8:10 am  -  Pollster John Zogby discusses Anthony Weiner and his flawed campaign for Mayor of New York City.

8:25  Studio 54 Disco Party ticket giveaway.  Aug 9th at 8 p.m. at Munson Williams.

8:37 - Paul Collis of Collis Heating and Cooling discusses heating and cooling systems for flood victims in Central New York.

8:50 - The New Hartford- Whitestown American Legion brawl Friday at Murnane Field.  It's being described as embarrassing.