Sometimes a nice retreat to a faraway place is what you need, but not what you can afford. Go to Skaneateles and get what you need for way less.

Getting a little time away from the hustle and bustle of life is a necessity. What isn't a must is spending thousands on a small vacation to a touristy, and cluttered city. Sure, if that is something you're into, by all means, but there are much cheaper and arguably way better options. With this option, not only will you spend less, but you also won't even have to leave Central New York, which is a massive perk.

But Wait A Minute, Isn't Skaneateles Expensive?

Hand open empty an wallet

Well, for housing it is, but this house isn't for sale. It is an Airbnb and the host isn't looking to have your wallet looking like that picture. While a great Airbnb certainly can set you back hundreds of dollars for just one night, this one only is asking for $89.

Frank via Airbnb
Frank via Airbnb

For this rental in Skaneateles, you'll actually be staying in a quite vintage and super unique barn that is centuries old. This relaxation trip here will also give you access to a pond, trails, and nothing but beautiful views for miles.

So Now What's Left?

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That is the easy part. The first thing to do is scroll down and look through the gorgeous and scenic pictures, then just click here to reserve the Airbnb. Then all you have to do is imagine kicking your feet up like this while cozy on a getaway in Skaneateles.

Spending $89 For An Airbnb In Skaneateles Can Get You This

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You're getting a lot here for $160,000 too, 1200 plus square feet that bring you 3 bedrooms and a solo bath.

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