The long range forecast for Central New York calling for a colder than normal October-November and a good old fashioned hard winter has now been altered, and the news is not good for winter enthusiasts.

A warmer than average fall and winter is now the best estimate by forecasters, according to The Weather Company.  It's due to a weaker than usual La Nina (cooler temperatures in the waters off the west coast of South America) that could be in play during the upcoming winter months, said Dr. Todd Crawford chief meteorologist with The Weather Company.  While Central New York is expected to experience above average temperatures now through November, the Northeast coast is expected to be even warmer.  In fact, warmer than average fall weather is expected across the entire United States with one exception: the Northwest, which will experience temperatures below average.

Forecasters warn that long-range forecasts are always subject to change especially depending on the tropical storm season, which is nearly impossible to predict.

Initial indications in August pointed towards a cold and snowy winter for the Northeast; however, the cooler water temperatures in South America and warmer waters in the Pacific Northwest warranted the change in the forecast.


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