Some 1500 people who oppose Governor Cuomo's NY Safe Act, rallied in Syracuse's Inner Harbor on Saturday to hear former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack speak out against New York's new gun laws.“Anybody who believes...that the Safe Act is going to make you safer; then, I've got beach front property for you in Omaha," said Mack who rose to national fame with his tough stance in immigration.  “I'll tell Cuomo, I'll tell Obama, and Biden and Bloomberg. I'll tell all of you, flat out, you are breaking the law,” he said from the podium.

The event which was sponsored by Carl Paladino's 'Turn Albany Upside Down' organization was originally set to feature local and regional speakers in an effort to build support for the anti-Safe Act movement.  The rally was elevated when Mack accepted an invitation to attend, from several members of the movement.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was invited to the event but did not attend.