The host of FOX Across America with Jimmy Failla will spend the weekend in Utica and it already looks like a sell-out weekend at Fat Katz Comedy Club.

Failla, a New York City cab driver turned stand up comic turned radio talk show host, will wear two out of three of his hats in Utica on June 3rd and 4th.

The national talk show host will join WIBX's Keeler in the Morning radio show on Friday, June 3, before coming back into the studio to transmit his nationally syndicated program around the U.S. via WIBX's studio from noon until 3 p.m..

"I am pumped for this weekend," Failla told WIBX's Bill Keeler. He was talking about the fact that after his radio show, where he talked about Utica's positives like Tomato Pie, the Italian food and the Turning Stone Resort and Casino, he'll be doing four sellout shows at Utica's Fat Katz Comedy Club in Washington Mills.

Failla loved the Daylight Donuts coffee, and Roma's Tomato Pie brought to him by Keeler listener Wayne who received a shoutout on Failla's national program.

Currently, the Jimmy Failla Fat Katz Comedy Club shows at 7pm are sold out. However, tickets for the 9:15 shows on Friday and Saturday, June 3rd and 4th, are available for purchase here.

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When Failla was in Utica back in November, jokes like, "You can't even call perverts, perverts in New York anymore. You have to call them Andrew Cuomo!" served as perfect humor for the crowd thirsty for a night out after COVID lockdowns. Surprisingly, Failla's act was unexpectedly light on political humor. His show was more observational comedy that would work with any crowd, like the fact that the New York State Thruway is the only highway in America that when changing lanes you have to avoid using a turn signal, because the driver behind will cut you off. His in your face style of comedy promotes the message that we really need to get back to the place where Democrats and Republicans can disagree without hating each other.

Failla told the crowds back in November that he would be back. Now, he's fulfilling the promise by doing his national radio show at WIBX on Friday afternoon, and performing shows both Friday and Saturday nights at Fat Katz Comedy Club .

Fox Host Failla Reaches USA from WIBX Studio in Utica

The host of Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla which airs coast to coast and on WIBX 950 and 106.9 FM weekdays from noon 'til 3, was in Utica this past weekend. Jimmy Failla sat in on the Keeler in the Morning Show on Friday morning December 3, 2021, and then did his national show on FOX News Radio from WIBX's studio.

Failla is a former New York City cab driver turned stand up comic and over the weekend, he performed 4 sell-out shows at Utica's Fat Katz Comedy Club in Washington Mills.

Check out some snap shots from the weekend.

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