The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at Cornell University has announced the temporary suspension of all fraternity parties and social events. The decision comes after a report of alleged sexual assault and students being drugged from both the Cornell University Police Department and The Ithaca Police Department over the weekend.

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Ithaca Police shared Monday that they were investigating the reports of sexual assault that happened on Sunday in the North Campus area. In addition to the sexual assault report, four others reported being drugged at social gatherings that happened over the weekend. Those events all allegedly took place at off-campus residences affiliated with registered fraternities.

The statement from Cornell University President, Martha Pollack, and the Vice President of Student and Campus Life, Ryan Pollock, explained how the decision for temporary suspension of fraternity events was made:

As a result of these disturbing reports, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) , which governs all IFC-recognized fraternities at Cornell, has temporarily suspended all fraternity parties and social events, effective immediately. IFC student leaders made this decision voluntarily Sunday evening after an emergency meeting with staff, and we fully support this necessary pause. Fraternity leaders will take this time to implement stronger health and safety plans. No IFC-affiliated social events will resume until student leaders and Cornell staff are confident activities can take place responsibly and safely.

As University Police work with Ithaca Police to continue investigating the reports, they have issued the following reminders about social gatherings, according to CNY Central:

  • Do not let someone who seems intoxicated go off with another person
  • Insist on accompanying the intoxicated person safely home.
  • Trust your instincts
  • If you begin to feel sick or weak seek help
  • Look out for friends and strangers
  • Be cautious with your surroundings and what you ingest

We reiterate that Cornell must be a caring community where all students feel respected and safe. We must all remain firm in our conviction that this behavior must be eradicated from our community, whether or not we – or our organizations – were directly involved. We encourage you to take time to connect with and reach out to your community of friends and peers to ask for and offer support as needed. Our campus community is stronger together.

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