Have you ever used Gamestop to buy or sell video games? If you have, then you know how effective the chain can be when it comes to saving money on games and accessories that can get pricey.

A report from CNN Money says the retailer's sales of it's biggest item - video games just aren't driving enough profits for the company to keep its brick and mortar stores open in some areas.

Gamers in Central New York don't have to worry though, it looks like both the Herkimer and New Hartford locations will stay open.

Being an avid gamer and Gamestop patron myself, I called both CNY locations on Tuesday and was told by managers at each location that the stores were in no danger of closing.


In fact, Manager Adam at Gamestop in New Hartford went as far as to say, "we're good to go."

This is great news for gamers in the area who take advantage of Gamestop's return and used game options.



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