One of the minority investors in Vernon Downs, Gary Greenberg, is urging the Oneida County Legislature not to approve the proposed agreement with the Oneida Indian Nation.

Gary Greenberg says Jeff Gural has another racetrack and casino in Tioga County and he is looking out for his interests there as well.  When asked if he thinks there is a deal with Gural and the Governor he says, "It certainly looks that way."  Greenberg said he has been pushing hard for table games at Vernon Downs for years.  There are nine racinos and seven of them are upstate.  He said the proposed agreement certainly puts him in a position where he may have had to have cut a deal.

Greenberg says his great grandfather was one of the first investors in Vernon Downs.  He said they have been there through the good times and the bad times.

He thinks the proposal should be defeated.  Speaking of the Oneida Indian Nation he says that they will not have to pay property taxes.  He thinks Oneida County could do better and compete on a more competitive level.

He said he does not live in Oneida County but he has a lot invested in Oneida County.  He says he has put is money in other parts of the county, though.  He has no financial investment in Vernon, only the potential promise of a payoff.

He said that he is reminding the listeners that an amendment for casino gambling still has to get through in the state.  He said the state can do better than twenty-five percent revenue on slots.

He said the Governor will not go against the people of Oneida and Madison counties if they vote against the proposed pact.  He said that the issue of exclusivity for the Oneida Indian Nation troubles him.

If the vote is "nay" he says he will return to Vernon Downs as a supporter and spokesman.

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