Gas prices in New York state are up two cents a gallon this week.

That’s according to the latest survey by AAA Northeast.

The survey found self-serve regular unleaded averaging $2.24 a gallon, seven cents higher that the national average.

A year ago at this time, the average price in New York was 63 cents higher at $2.87 a gallon.

“While overall travel projections are down, those who head out for July 4th and beyond are expected to drive to their destinations,” said Patti Artessa, Regional Director of AAA Public Affairs. “This increased demand is leading to higher gas prices, though motorists will still pay much less than they did a year ago.”

Here are Monday's average gas prices:

Self-Serve                                           Grade                        

$2.27                                                   Regular Unleaded

$2.58                                                   Midgrade Unleaded

$2.93                                                   Premium Unleaded

$2.80                                                   Diesel

AAA advises motorists to shop around for the best prices in their area.

Find the most up-to-date local gas prices with the AAA Fuel Finder by logging onto and clicking on Gas Saving Tips and Tools.


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