Are you ready for gas prices to jump bye as much as 55 cents per gallon? That's what could happen if a so-called "gas tax" is signed into law by Governor Cuomo. The measure was recently advanced by the New York State Senate Democratic majority, according to New York State Senator Joe Griffo (R,C,IP NY-47).

“While we must continue to take action to protect our environment, evidence has shown that New York’s emissions have fallen by as much as 95 percent since 1990,” Sen. Griffo said. “We can continue on this trajectory to reduce our carbon footprint but must remain mindful of the affect that proposals such as this will have on the many New Yorkers who use a vehicle every day and who will be severely punished by this new gas tax."

The proposal, Senate Bill S4264 could ultimately lead to prices skyrocketing by more than 50-cents per gallon, Griffo said. He added that home heating costs could also increase by more than 25-percent.

Jim Rondenelli, WIBX
Jim Rondenelli, WIBX

According to the Tax Foundation, New York State ranks 7th in the nation for the highest state imposed gas tax in the country, at $.43 cents per every gallon sold. The legislation, according to Griffo, would raise New York's gas tax by more than 120-percent, to $98.12 cents per gallon, 57-percent higher than any state in the country. Currently, California has the highest gas tax at $62.47-cents per gallon sold.

"This will make it even more expensive to commute to work, bring your children to school, take your family out for a day trip and keep your house warm on a cold night," said Griffo.  "We should be focused on making New York more affordable and stopping the exodus of people, families and businesses from our state and not making it more difficult for New Yorkers to live and do business here,” he added.

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