The pandemic may have taken it away last year, but loads of family fun returns this weekend at Wheel Days.

This is one of those events that so many people throughout Central New York were bummed about losing last year. Like many other events though, there wasn’t much option. At least that is behind us and we have the return of Wheel Days at the Madison County Fairgrounds to look forward to this weekend. It also is going to be one of the last few things to do like this before the chilly weather really kicks in.

Once you are out of work on Friday, you could take the trip and check out some tractor pulls. Take in the smell of fuel in the area and get one last whiff of summer. Once Saturday rolls around, there will be a demolition derby pretty early in the day too, that starts at 12 Noon. But demo derby’s and tractor pulls aren’t the only things you can experience at the 50th anniversary of Wheel Days. You also can check out all the crafts and even maybe find a great gem at the flea market, the food, and of course the car show too.

The car show itself will be on Sunday, the final day of Wheel Days 2021. Swing by to check out all of the classic or unique cars at 10a, and stick around for some live tunes at 3p. Find out more about the incredible 3-day event here.

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