Senator Joseph Griffo is calling for the restoration of Aid and Incentives to Municipalities funding that Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed cutting in his Executive Budget.

Localities relying on AIM funding for their budgets would see that funding completely eliminated as part of the Governor’s proposal

Griffo says cities, which receive the majority of AIM funding, would not be affected, nor would localities where AIM funding accounts for two percent or more of their municipal budget.

There would be $59.2 million in cuts to the AIM program

The Association of Towns of the State of New York estimates that towns and villages in the Senator's district could lose about $1.7 million in AIM funding.

“As a former mayor, I understand and have seen the impact that AIM funding can have on municipalities and am disappointed that the Governor has proposed these devastating cuts that so many communities within my district rely on in order to provide essential and needed services to residents.” Griffo said. “

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