Senator Joseph Griffo is inviting the State Education Commissioner to come to Utica to get public input on new education standards.

In a letter to Mary Ellen Elia, Griffo suggested Utica would be an ideal central location, easily accessible to many residents who may want to weigh in on the evolving standards.

Griffo also says Utica is home to many refugees who are English Language Learners that the state is looking to help.

“I appreciate your recognition that our parents, teachers, superintendents, boards of education and other stakeholders must be involved in this process if we are going to provide the best education we can for our students,” Griffo wrote. “I believe you and your panel would be served well to hear firsthand what the parents, teachers and education stakeholders in the Mohawk Valley believe should be done to improve learning.”

The state is expected to finalize new education standards in June.

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