Following the decision to send students at SUNY Oneonta home for the rest of the fall semester due to a COVID-19 outbreak at the college, Senator Joseph Griffo is calling upon SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras to take immediate action to prevent further community spread of the virus.

Griffo is also asking the Governor and the state Department of Health to intervene immediately.

He says students who have tested positive for COVID-19 should not be sent home to risk community spread.

Instead, he says they should be able to quarantine in place or where they’re residing until they test negative.

“I am hopeful that the state has learned from its past mistake of sending COVID-positive cases to nursing homes,”Griffo said. It is imperative that SUNY, as well as New York State, expedite a policy to ensure that no COVID-19 positive students are returned to their home community to limit the potential for further spread of the virus.”

There have now been over *500 coronavirus cases at the college since the start of the school year on August 24th.



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