Herkimer College will again be offering the chance for paranormal enthusiasts to ghost hunt through Chasing Shadows 201, a non-credit paranormal investigation course.


Taught by TV ghost hunting personalities, the New York Shadow Chasers, who have been investigating the paranormal for the last 15 years, the Shadow Chasers were featured as the PBS Ghost Hunters and have worked with numerous paranormal TV figures from SyFy channel and more.

"Chasing Shadows 201" is designed to provide an in-depth look at paranormal investigations and paranormal science through advanced Analytical, Documentary and Psychic methods. Examining the paranormal through a series of investigations, the class will receive hands-on experience evaluating multiple sites with the latest research tools, interacting with witnesses, researching a location and evaluating evidence.

The fee is $89. To register, call 866-0300, ext. 8251

The class consists of 8 classes of two hours each, starting on June 3rd, and running through July. The cost of the class is $89, and registration is conducted through HCCC's website, pre-registration is required and spaces are limited. The this is the follow up class to Chasing Shadows 101 and is offered to continue learning through as series of investigations and evidence review.

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