Hilary Swank helped rescue a dog in Albany, but what exactly is she doing here?  We think we figured out the "undisclosed" movie she's filming, and it looks amazing!

Surely you've seen the image now; Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank alongside Albany resident Chelsea Blackwell, posing in downtown Albany with Blackwell's dog Blue who apparently was lost for an hour or so.

The photo op, shared by the Times Union and just about every pop culture media outlet in the country, went viral because it is believed that Swank - while working on the set of a new "undisclosed" film near the Greyhound bus station, picked up the lost dachshund, and kept Blue safe while Blackwell drove around, hoping to find him.

Photo: Chelsea Blackwell Facebook
Chelsea Blackwell, Dog "Blue: and Hilary Swank pose for a photo op in Albany on Monday. Swank is believed to be on the set of a new movie called Ordinary Angels

Eventually, she would, and in Blackwell's Facebook post she wrote that she "stopped and asked if someone (has) seen a little brown dog? A man walked over to my car and said, yes, this woman picked him up. I said who? He replied a celebrity."

That celebrity turned out to be Hollywood star Hilary Swank, an award-winning actress and producer known for her roles in acclaimed films like Million Dollar Baby, Conviction 2, Boys Don't Cry, and P.S. I Love You.

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So what was Hilary Swank doing nearing a bus terminal in Albany?

Details of the film weren't made public to any of the news outlets that covered the story, but our search turned up at least one result that seemed plausible, albeit unconfirmed.

Swank is currently working on a new film called Ordinary Angels, a faith-based film which according to IMDB and Castingworkbook.com  is based on an incredible true story of a woman named Sharon Stevens.

Sharon, played by Swank, is an alcoholic hairdresser who rallies an entire community to help a widowed father save the life of his critically ill young daughter.

The film, expected to be out sometime in 2023, is set in 1994 Kentucky, and according to sources also stars Reacher breakout star Alan Ritchson who plays Ed Schmitt, a widowed father with a 5-year-old daughter in need of a liver transplant.

The film's plot takes a dramatic turn when, according to Castingworkbook.com, the day a liver finally becomes available, "the city is hit with the worst snowstorm in Kentucky history."

With only hours to get to the hospital, Sharon must rally an entire community to help her through the blizzard in an attempt to save the child's life.

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Alan Ritchson, Swank's co-star in Ordinary Angels

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